About us

RADHA Engineering, Management & Consultant Company is a private joint stock is active in Oil, Gas, Power plant, Petrochemical, Chemical, Water, Steel, industries in a wide variety and comprehensive range of engineering and management activities. RADHA is benefited from a high level group of engineers of well-known top management experience advisors who have long work experiences in oil, gas, mineral, chemical and petroleum as well as energy industry of Iran. It has been related in professional feasibility studies & investment consultancy as well as global approaches to engineering and management services basically energy projects such as oil, gas and relevant fields of industrial development. The focal point of RADHA business in Iran from 1992.

  • Our Vision

    To became one of the top” contract of choice” both for the domestic and international client and the preferred working choice of experts.Perpetual enhancement of our systems to raise the level of satisfaction of our client, employees, shareholders and partners.Abiding by the highest standards of professional ethics, environment, quality, and philosophy on continual improvement.

  • Our Mision

    Meet the benefits of all our stakeholders through providing desired performance with the support of our superior teams to perform oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Water and Industrial Projects.

RADHA has potential ability to satisfy customer in following value: